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Specialist hair treatments in Tam’s Brig

No-one wants frizzy, damaged hair. It can leave you feeling self-conscious and less than your best – no-one should feel that way! But Calum Maguire Hairdressing can help – get in touch today.

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Kerastraight – helping you tame the frizz!

Kerastraight is a revolutionary treatment that can keep your hair sleek, shiny, and easy to manage for up to four months. It’s a keratin treatment that we will apply directly to your hair from root to tip, with an optional booster that locks in even more moisture. This serum has proven to be an absolute game-changer for many of our clients. If you’re fed up of the frizz, book an appointment and find out what Kerastraight can do for you…


Simple, effective, and popular with a lot of our clients, Olaplex is the solution if you’re struggling with damaged, poor condition hair. Designed to repair the damage and leave you with younger looking, shiny, healthy hair again, it restores elasticity and protects your hair against further damage and breakage. We love Olaplex, and we know you will, too.

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TIGI Copyright Hair SOS is the secret to hair repair! Clinically proved to help in as little as five minutes, this treatment contains 100 times more Keratin than your normal daily use shampoo – it can transform your hair, leaving it looking the way you always hope it will. It’s a great way to restore the natural beauty of your hair quickly and effectively.

“I have been getting my hair done by Steph for a number of years, and when she told me she was leaving her previous place of work and would be working in Ayr, I knew I would have to go through to the new place. On arrival I was completely blown away by how friendly everyone was and how professional. Getting my hair washed was amazing as I was sitting up and not lying back, which I was used to, and not forgetting the head massage which I loved. I was then seated in a very comfy chair with a coffee and biscuit – talk about being spoilt and relaxed! My full experience was utterly mind-blowing and if I'm being honest it's the most relaxed I've been while getting my hair done. I'm so glad I decided to try out Steph's new work place.”

- Gail, Yell review

Helping you handle your hair

If frizzy and unmanageable hair is a problem that you’re thoroughly fed up with, then let our amazing stylists help. We’ll work with you to tame the frizz, manage the damage, and get your hair looking the way it’s supposed to. Get the hair you deserve and enjoy the opportunity to try out new styles thanks to your gorgeous, sleek, healthy hair. We can also help you to keep your hair healthy even when you colour it - just ask about our hair colour services. Book an appointment with the team today.

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Calum Maguire Hairdressing will help you get your hair looking great. We offer a range of specialist hair treatments in Tam’s Brig.

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